Faculty & Staff

Erin Bell

Civil Engineering
Degree: PhD in Civil Engineering
Fun Fact: Dr. Bell walked with lions and played with lion cubs in South Africa.
CEPS Profile
Email: erin.bell@unh.edu
Role: Principal Investigator/Structural Monitoring

Martin Wosnik

Mechanical Engineering
Degree: Ph.D.
Fun Fact: Likes to kayak in Great Bay Estuary… with the tides.
CEPS Profile
Email: martin.wosnik@unh.edu
Roles: Co-Principal Investigator, Tidal Energy.

Graduate Students

Milad Mehrkash

University of New Hampshire
Civil Engineering
Degree Working Towards: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
Current Degree: M.S. in Civil Engineering
Fun Fact: Milad enjoys watching soccer games.
Email: mm1193@wildcats.unh.edu
Roles: Model updating, structural health monitoring and damage detection of the Memorial Bridge

Undergraduate Students